Certification - Certified Abrasives

This page last reviewed March 13, 2017

Applying for Certification

The California Air Resources Board Monitoring and Laboratory Division is accepting applications for certification of abrasive for permissible outdoor blasting. Applications are accepted throughout the year. The purpose of the abrasive certification program is to restrict the abrasive selected for permissible dry outdoor blasting operations in order to reduce the generation of fine particles, which are inhalable and contribute to reduced visibility.

Applications to have abrasives certified are accepted year-round. Since the testing is done partially outdoors, and so is weather dependent, no accurate estimate of the length of time to complete the testing is possible. We may, however, be able to complete it within a month or so of receiving the product and a completed application, weather permitting. Submittal of abrasives for testing during the spring renewal season may result in some cost savings.  In general, the cost is expected to be between $1,800 and $2,400 per sample plus disposal/return costs.

For more information on the Abrasive Blasting Certification Program, please contact Kathryn Gugeler at (916) 322-0221.


new Application For Certification  (PDF)

new Shipping directions (PDF)

Testing process flow chart (PDF)

Permit Applicants Bill of Rights