Certification Process - Certified Abrasives

This page last reviewed January 15, 2016

Certification Process

The purpose of the abrasive certification program is to restrict the abrasive selected for permissible dry outdoor blasting operations in order to reduce the generation of fine particles, which are inhalable and contribute to reduced visibility.

ARB Standards
In order to be certified, the abrasive must contain not more than one percent, by weight, materials passing a #70 U.S. Standard sieve before blasting. After blasting, the abrasive must contain not more than 1.8 percent, by weight, material 5 microns or smaller. The producer or manufacturer of an abrasive which fails the sieve test may choose to demonstrate that the abrasive meets a 20 percent opacity emission limit when blasted. The after-blast criteria must be met in either case. A copy of the regulations and a flow chart of the certification process are enclosed.

Each grade of the abrasive you wish to have certified for permissible outdoor blasting must be submitted separately. Also, if you produce an abrasive at more than one site, a sample from each site must be submitted separately. Please complete and return the enclosed application form for all abrasives you wish to submit for certification. Be sure you read the instructions carefully before you fill out the application and ship your abrasives. Abrasives submitted incorrectly will not be tested. We will inform you when we have completed testing so that we can together arrange for the collect return shipment or disposal. Our costs for the disposal/return of your abrasives will be included in your invoice for testing.

If you wish to have your distributors listed with your certification, you will need to provide a written request that each distributor be listed. The distributor will also need to request, in writing, that they be listed as distributors for your product.

You will be billed for the actual cost of the testing and disposal/return. This varies, but is expected to be between $1,800 and $2,400 per sample plus disposal/return costs. An invoice for the cost of the test will be sent to you after the disposal/return of the product. Your results will be sent to you upon payment of the invoice. Non-payment of the invoice will result in decertification. Certification is effective for no more than 2 years.

For more information on the Abrasive Blasting Certification Program, please contact Kathryn Gugeler at (916) 322-0221.