Air Pollution Incentives, Grants and Credit Programs

This page last reviewed August 1, 2017

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ARB Grant Programs for Clean On- and Off-Road Vehicles and Equipment

These programs have hundreds of millions of dollars in grants available over the next several years to reduce emissions from on- and off-road vehicles and equipment.  Vehicle and equipment owners typically must apply for funds. While ARB is responsible for program oversight, some of these programs (such as the Carl Moyer Program) are implemented as a partnership with local air districts.

Other Incentive and Equipment Grant Programs

A variety of other programs provide incentives for actions that reduce emissions, for technology demonstration projects, and other clean air initiatives.

Other State and Federal Financing Information Links

The following links provide information regarding State and federal air quality financing opportunities.

State Emission Credit Resources

The following links provide information regarding emission reduction crecdits and other offset programs.

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