Independent Contractor Program

This page last reviewed April 9, 2018


The Independent Contractor program was designed to approve private independent testing contractors for sources who may choose to have the contractors conduct compliance testing instead of the Air Resources Board (ARB) for ARB required testing. ARB does not require that testing contractors be approved prior to conducting testing in California. Approval under this program is only required by ARB if the contractor wishes to conduct compliance testing instead of ARB. Please check with the local District where the test will be performed to find out about their requirements.

Who is Approved?

newA list of approved Independent Contractors is available.  The list includes links to the Executive Orders that approve each test method.
The Independent Contractor Appendix lists additional locations/contacts for approved Independent Contractors.

How Can My Company Get Approved Too?

ARB will consider approving private independent testing contractors for published, finalized test methods used for compliance here in California. Generally, these are ARB Stationary Source Test Methods. We will also consider approving companies for some United States Environmental Protection Agency (U. S. EPA) Test Methods, local District test methods, or ASTM methods, but only if the methods are used for compliance purposes in California. In order to obtain approval an independent testing contractor is evaluated against standardized criteria. All the contractors that are included on the approval list had the proper equipment and qualified personnel to conduct the tests at the time we evaluated them. More information, and a copy of our application package, may be found at our application Web site.

Other Links and Information

Webcast and conference call to discuss recent changes to the Independent Contractor Program at 1:00 pm on April 30, 2014.

Check the status of your company's application for approval or annual renewal audit.

Once begun, District-mandated compliance tests should only be suspended for a valid mechanical breakdown. Preliminary results indicating the source to be in violation are not a valid reason to halt such testing.   Advisory Number 58 (PDF) is available on this issue.

Complete information on ARB and U.S. EPA Test Methods is available.

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We have links the local Air Pollution Control Districts. Not sure what District applies to your situation? Use the District Look Up by ZIP Code, City or County to find out.

Contact Information

For more information on the Independent Contractor Program, please contact Kathryn Gugeler  at (916) 322-0221.