Independent Contractor Approval Program

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The Air Resources Board (ARB) updated regulations related to source testing in 1981.  At that time, language was added to the regulations to allow the use of Independent Contractors that were preapproved by ARB to perform any compliance tests that ARB would normally perform.  Preapproval was required to ensure that the Independent Contractors were qualified to perform the test methods requested.  Additional language was added to address conflict of interest, right-of-entry, and other potential issues.

ARB grants approvals to perform any published stationary source test methods used for compliance purposes in California, as an alternative to these tests being performed by ARB staff.  The Independent Contractor must be able to perform both the sampling and the analysis in-house, and neither may be subcontracted to an outside contractor.  Approvals are granted based on the Independent Contractor's ability to meet general program criteria and the specific requirements of the individual test methods requested.  ARB does not require that testing contractors be approved prior to conducting testing in California.

In 2014, ARB revised the Independent Contractor Program in order to streamline the initial approval and renewal processes, and to focus ARB resources on full renewal audits of Independent Contractor capabilities instead of document review.

What's New

Posted April 28, 2014:

  • The webcast, dial-in conference call information, and presentation for the upcoming Independent Contractor Program webcast and dial-in conference call is available and can be found here:

Posted April 21, 2014:

  • ARB is holding a webcast and dial-in conference call to discuss recent revisions to the Independent Contractor Program. Further details regarding the webcast and dial-in conference call, the webcast and dail-in conference call information, and the presentation, are available for viewing and can be found here:

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