Clean Air -- California's Success and Future Challenges

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Historical Slide :  News Headline from June 11, 1947

Speaking Notes: Air Pollution Control Act

(Signed by Governor Earl Warren June 10, 1947)

Authorizing the creation of air pollution control districts in every county:

  • Los Angeles County APCD - 1947
  • Bay Area AQMD - 1955 (First Multi-County)

The public took action and on June 10, 1947, Governor Earl Warren signed the Air Pollution Control Act, which authorized the creation of Air Pollution Control Districts in every county of the state. Later that year, the Los Angeles County Air Pollution Control District (APCD) was established -- the first of its kind in the nation. Soon after, others followed (Note: See list below for additional information.). The next step was to figure out what made up and caused air pollution.

References:  Many of the later APCDs are consolidations of county operations within air basins.


Los Angeles County APCD (1976: SCAQMD - Riverside, Los Angeles, Orange,
San Bernardino County)


Bay Area APCD (First Multi-County)


Sacramento County APCD (1988 - Sacramento Metropolitan AQMD Incorporate
Portion of Placer County)


Monterey Bay Unified APCD (Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties Consolidate)


San Luis Obispo APCD


Santa Barbara County APCD


Yolo / Solano APCD


Northern Sierra APCD


Feather River APCD


San Joaquin Valley Unified AQMD (Fresno, Kings, Madera, Merced, San Joaquin,
Stanislaus, Tulare, and the Portion of Kern Within the Air Basin)


Mojave Desert AQMD (San Bernardino / Riverside Counties Outside SCAQMD
Plus Eastern Kern and Northeastern Los Angeles Counties


Antelope Valley APCD (Northern Los Angeles County)