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Traffic Congestion

What is an Ombudsman? 

An Ombudsman serves as an impartial resource for individuals with unresolved complaints and acts to ensure a fair resolution of the situation. The Ombudsman investigates complaints, researches and clarifies facts, and seeks mutually workable outcomes. ARB's Ombudsman operates independently of division staff, reporting directly to the Chairman of the Board. However, the Ombudsman cannot unilaterally reverse existing rules or decisions.

How can the Ombudsman's Office help me?

Frequently, small businesses, community activists, and private citizens do not have the necessary resources to play a major role in the development of regulations that affect them. To address these issues, the Office of the Ombudsman oversees ARB's Business Assistance Program and Air Quality Education Program. The office staff gives individuals access to resources and contacts that can aid in addressing environmental compliance requirements, financial resources, and air quality educational materials. We will work with you to determine ways in which you can get involved in understanding more about regulations that may impact you. 

For further assistance specific to your region, please refer to the Ombudsman Regional Contact Map to contact the designated Ombudsman staff member.

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Environmental Financial Assistance

Air Resources Board offers various grants, incentives and rebates in the interest of decreasing emissions and improving air quality. Whether you are interested in obtaining a rebate to help purchase a clean vehicle or applying to the Carl Moyer Program to replace older agricultural equipment, the resources below may be able to provide financial assistance. 

Environmental Compliance Assistance

Air Resources Board provides assistance to individuals working to comply with environmental regulations. For more information on programs available, refer to the A-Z Program Index. Below you can find more information on laws, regulations, and compliance trainings.  

CoolCalifornia Business Resources

CoolCalifornia provides resources, such as the Funding Wizard (rebates, incentives, and grants), the small business calculator (determine your carbon footprint), and success stories. The CoolCalifornia Small Business Awards Program recognizes businesses that take action to become more sustainable. 

Business Resources

There are various organizations on both regional and national levels that offer business services, including mentorship, financial aid, and general guidance on business development.

Air Quality Education Program

The Air Quality Education Program (AQEP) is administered under the Office of the Ombudsman of CARB. In general, the AQEP provides regulatory and air policy training, support, materials, and outreach services to educators, formal and informal education institutions, public and private organizations, CARB staff, and other stakeholders, including students, kids, and adults.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I learn more about the Truck and Bus Regulation and whether I'm compliant/eligible for financial aid or exemptions?

    The Truck Stop has more information available on the Truck and Bus Regulation, exemptions, and financial aid. You can contact staff through the Diesel Hotline at 866-634-3735, through the Diesel Assistance Form, or via email at . 

What is the difference between California Air Resources Board and local air districts? How do I determine and contact my local air district?

    The primary difference between CARB and local air districts is that local air districts are responsible for stationary sources. CARB is responsible for reduction of greenhouse gases and monitoring toxic air contaminants, mobile sources, and vehicle emission standards. To determine your local air district click here. To find contact information for the district, refer to the Local Air District Directory.

How can I learn more about clean vehicles and associated incentives, rebates and carpool stickers?

How can I learn more about California Air Resources Board's public participation process?

How do I submit comments for public workshops?

    This page describes how to send, view and print comments

    Comments are submitted here and can be viewed here.

Where do I report potential air pollution or an air quality violation? 

    Air pollution complaints should be directed to: 
Air Pollution Complaints - General (800) 952-5588
Air Pollution Complaints - Vehicles
(800) END SMOG or (800) 363-7664

Where can I find the correct aftermarket parts for my equipment?

How can I find contact information for a staff person?

Questions, concerns or just need some answers? Contact us, we are here to help you.
Contact the Ombudsman and her staff at or by calling (916) 323-6791. Toll free calls can be made at (800) ARB-HLP2 (800 272-4572).
Para asistencia en Espaņol, llame (916) 324-1503.
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