The Ombudsman and Her Staff

This page last reviewed July 30, 2015

La Ronda Bowen - Ombudsman

(916) 323-6791

La Ronda leads the Office of the Ombudsman. With over 25 years of experience as a communications professional, La Ronda has led controversial stakeholder processes, served as an advisor to the US EPA, established a nationwide model for small business assistance and compliance with the federal Clean Air Act, designed and conducted successful market research programs, shaped federal, state, and local policy, published environment-related articles, and spoken to over 200 groups and organizations.

Judy Nottoli - Air Resources Engineer

(916) 322-7429

Judy has over 25 years of professional experience working with government, industry, and businesses on air quality and multi-media environmental compliance, sustainability, emission measurements and control, economic development, innovative technology demonstration, process optimization, and strategic planning projects and initiatives. In addition to providing business and compliance assistance to various California regions, Judy also supports the Air Quality Education Program.

Jenna Latt - Air Pollution Specialist

(626) 575-7097

Based in El Monte, Jenna is the Southern California liaison in the Ombudsman’s office. As a chemical engineer, she has over 23 years’ experience in air quality compliance, permitting, rule analysis, emission inventories, control technologies, pollution prevention, and multimedia environmental compliance. She worked 12 years as Principal Engineer at an air quality consulting firm providing technical and compliance assistance to industries ranging from aerospace, chemical, hospitals, bakeries, semiconductor, plating, cogeneration plants, and municipalities to name a few. She has served on stakeholder working groups and published several papers on pollution prevention and GHG emissions from semiconductor processes. She has professional experience working in industry, government, business, and non-profits.

Anthony J. Marin - Air Pollution Specialist

(916) 445-5569

Para asistencia en Espaņol, llame (916) 324-1503.

Anthony provides guidance to businesses and individuals concerning state and local air pollution issues and is the primary liaison with our Spanish-speaking community. He has experience providing technical assistance on recycling/waste diversion efforts and water-related enforcement issues.

Edward Wong - Air Pollution Specialist

(916) 322-6925

Ed oversees the Air Quality Education Program, which raises awareness of air pollution and climate change issues to California's K-16 population. He has experience in ARB training, enforcement, rule development, and has taught secondary school math and science.

Zenia Aguilera - Associate Governmental Program Analyst

(916) 327-1266

Zenia investigates and resolves concerns from businesses and individuals regarding state and local air pollution issues. She has experience writing press releases and providing information on regulatory and air quality issues to the public. Zenia is the back up visitor coordinator for Margaret Minnick for delegations from both foreign governments and non-governmental organizations that are interested in visiting ARB.


Contact the Ombudsman:

ARB Ombudsman
1001 I Street
P.O. Box 2815
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 323-6791 or 1-800-272-4572