H&S 39701 Coordination and Collection of Research Data

39701. The state board shall coordinate and collect research data on
air pollution, including, but not limited to, all of the following:
(a) Research relating to specific problems in the following areas:
(1) Motor vehicle emissions control, including alternative
propulsion systems, cleaner burning fuels, and improved motor vehicle
pollution control devices.
(2) Control of nonvehicular emissions.
(3) Control of specific contaminants to meet ambient air quality
(4) Atmospheric chemistry and physics.
(5) Effects of air pollution on human health and comfort, plants and
animals, and reduction in visibility.
(6) Instrumentation development.
(7) Economic and ecological analysis.
(8) Mathematical model development.
(9) Trends in atmospheric quality throughout the state.
(10) Alternatives to agricultural burning.
(b) The consequences of various alternative solutions to specific
air pollution problems.
(c) The identification of knowledge gaps.
(Added by Stats. 1975, Ch. 957.)
References at the time of publication (see page iii):
Regulations:    17, CCR, sections 70200, 91010, 91011