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California Air Pollution Control Laws


Division 26 Air Resources

Part 3 Air Pollution Control Districts

Chapter 10 District Plans to Attain State Ambient Air Quality Standards

§ 40920.5. Measures in attainment plan for district with extreme air pollution

Each district with extreme air pollution shall, to the extent necessary to meet the requirements of the plan developed pursuant to Section 40913, include the following measures in its attainment plan:

(a) All measures required for moderate, serious, and severe areas.

(b) A stationary source control program designed to achieve no net increase in emissions from new or modified stationary sources of nonattainment pollutants or their precursors.

(c) Any other feasible controls that can be implemented, or for which implementation can begin, within 10 years of the adoption date of the most recent air quality plan.

Added Stats 1992 ch 945 § 8 (AB 2783). Amended Stats 1996 ch 777 § 10 (AB 3048).


1996 Amendment: Substituted “stationary source control” for “permitting” in subd (b).

Note- Stats 1992 ch 945 provides:

SEC. 18. The Legislature hereby finds and declares that this act, including, but not limited to, the revisions to Sections 40918, 40919, and 40920 of the Health and Safety Code by Sections 5.5, 6, and 7 of this act, respectively, and the addition of Section 40920.5 to the Health and Safety Code by Section 8 of this act, is intended to establish minimum requirements for air pollution control districts and air quality management districts. Nothing in this act is intended to limit or otherwise discourage those districts from adopting rules and regulations which exceed these requirements and which are designed to achieve state ambient air quality standards at the earliest practicable date.

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