About the Selection of Our Board

This page last reviewed February 18, 2016


The Air Resources Board (Board) consists of 14 members. 12 are appointed by, and serve "at the pleasure" of the Governor along with the consent of the Senate. Two additional members are appointed by the Legislature, one by the Senate, the other by the Assembly. The Board members serve part-time, except the Chairperson, who serves full-time.

Board Members are appointed by law as follows:

  • Six members must be chosen from the boards of local Air Quality Management Districts with one each from:
    • San Diego Air Pollution Control District

    • San Francisco Bay Area Air Quality Management District

    • San Joaquin Valley Unified Air Pollution Control District

    • South Coast Air Quality Management District (Greater Los Angeles Region)

    • The Sacramento region, which consists of the following air districts:

      • Sacramento Metropolitan AQMD

      • Yolo-Solano AQMD

      • Placer County APCD

      • Feather River AQMD

      • El Dorado County APCD

    • And One from Any Other District.

  • Three other members fill specific categories:
    • One must have expertise in automotive engineering or a closely related field.

    • One must have expertise in science, agriculture, or law.

    • One must be a physician and surgeon, or health effects expert.

    • One of the three remaining members must have expertise in air pollution control, or must meet the qualifications of one of the three categories mentioned above.

  • Two members are public members.

  • Two members are appointed directly by the Legislature. The Senate Committee on Rules and the Speaker of the Assembly shall each appoint one member to the state board who shall be a person who works directly with communities in the state that are most significantly burdened by, and vulnerable to, high levels of pollution, including, but not limited to, communities with diverse racial and ethnic populations and communities with low-income populations.

The Governor appoints a full-time Chairperson to the Board from among its members.

The Board meets monthly, in various locations of the state. The members receive travel expenses in accordance with rates established by the Department of Personnel Administration.

Each Board member contributes her/his expertise and talent to the ARB's programs. Such activities include: giving speeches, serving on committees of the Board and other governmental committees such as the ARB Agricultural Advisory Committee, Southern California Association of Governments, San Joaquin Valley Air Quality Study Committee, and participating in various ARB workshops.

About Our Board