Making a Board Presentation

This page last reviewed  February 13, 2017

Below are frequently asked questions regarding presentations in the Cal/EPA Board Hearing Rooms. For more information about presentations and Board meetings, you may contact the Clerk of the Board at (916) 322-5594.

Where is the Air Resources Board Sacramento Hearing Room located?

The Air Resources Board Hearing Room is located on the second floor of the 1001 "I" Street building.

What does the ARB Sacramento Board Hearing Room layout look like?

See the diagram of the Board Hearing Room layout.

What equipment is available in the ARB Sacramento Board Hearing Room?    

CalRecycle's Information Technology Services has equipped the board rooms with computers and monitors. 

Please Note: The media equipment is configured to run via the Board Hearing Room computer, therefore you cannot run your presentation from your personal computer. 

What is the best way to present my information?

The best way is using Microsoft PowerPoint slides. Presentations produced on different applications may not run on the Board Hearing Room computer. Presentations must be submitted via email the day before the Board Hearing. Please bring 30 copies of your PowerPoint presentations for the Board Members and Executive Staff.

What fonts project the best on the Board Hearing Room equipment?

You'll get the best visibility on the Board Hearing Room equipment using:

  • font sizes 28 points or larger; and
  • by using simple fonts such as Arial, Times New Roman or Univers (W1).

During my presentation, who will run my PowerPoint slides?

ARB staff is available to advance slides for you if you do not wish to do so yourself.

How long can my presentation be?

The length of time allowed for stakeholder presentations will differ depending upon many factors, including the number of speakers wishing to speak on any given topic. The Chair will determine the time to be allotted to all speakers on a given agenda item. Although the following time limit may not always be imposed for a particular Board item, speakers should be prepared, if necessary, to make their presentations within a three-minute time allotment.

Are all presentations webcast?

All ARB Board meetings are webcast. Also, electronic copies of your slide presentations will be made available to the public and your remarks will be available via the written transcript posted to our website.  Slide presentations made to the Board by ARB staff will also be made available to the public via a link from the monthly Board agenda. Usually, PowerPoints will be made available immediately prior to the actual presentation.