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for the February 21, 2002 Board Meeting

This page updated March 6, 2002

For each Board meeting, ARB's Clerk of the Board compiles the "board book" to include all pertinent material for ARB board members to review prior to and during the board meeting. This webpage is designed to provide links to individual board agenda "items" for the ARB Board Meeting identified above. If you discover any problems with the scanning of these documents, please contact Victoria Rocha at (916) 322-4358.

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Public Meeting to Consider a Health Update



Public Meeting to Consider a Retrospective on California's Air Quality Program



Public Hearing to Consider the Adoption of an Airborne Toxic Control Measure to Reduce Emissions of Toxic Contaminants from Outdoor Residential Waste Burning



Public Hearing to Consider Amendments to the California Alternative Fuels for Motor Vehicle Regulations



Public Hearing to Consider Adoption of Amendments to the Air Resources Board Voluntary Accelerated Vehicle Retirement (VAVR) Regulations to Minimize Differences Between ARB and BAR VAVR Regulations and Allow Parts Recycling and Resale of Non-Emission-Related and Non-Drive Train Parts



Public Meeting to Consider Research Proposals



Public Meeting to Consider Reallocating Rice Straw Demonstration Project Funds


A CD is also available by contacting Victoria Rocha which should eliminate any download problems you might be experiencing. We will continue to provide electronic access to the Board agendas, meeting summaries and meeting transcripts from the Board Information & Meetings top page.