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January 26, 2006
9:00 a.m.


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Public Hearing to Consider Research Proposals  
  "Differences in Inflammatory Response to Exposure Concentrated Ambient Particles in Susceptible Volunteers," University of California, Los Angeles, Proposal No. 2601-250.

"Impact of Reactive Halogen Species on the Air Quality in California Coastal Areas," University of California, Los Angeles, Proposal No. 2602-250.

"On-Road Measurement of Light-Duty Gasoline and Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicle Emission Trends," University of California, Berkeley, Proposal No. 2598-250.

"Evaluation of the Proposed New European Methodology for Determination of Particle Number Emissions and its Potential in California for In-use Screening," University of California, Riverside, Proposal No. 2595-250.

"Process-Based Farm Emission Model for Estimating Volatile Organic Compound Emissions from California Dairies," has been submitted by the University of California, Davis, Proposal No. 2590-250.
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Report to the Board on the State of the State Air Quality  
  ARB staff will make a presentation on the progress that has been achieved in reducing exposure to unhealthy air and meeting State and federal standards. The presentation will cover ozone and particulate matter, and will look at how 2005 air quality compares to previous years.  
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Report to the Board on the ARB Action Plan for 2006  
  ARB Executive Officer Catherine Witherspoon will brief the Board on major initiatives, rulemakings, and other activities scheduled for 2006.    
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Public Hearing to Consider the Proposed Identification of Environmental Tobacco Smoke as a Toxic Air Contaminant  
  Staff proposes a regulatory amendment that would add Environmental Tobacco Smoke to California's list of Toxic Air Contaminants.   
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Public Hearing to Consider the Proposed Amendments to the Heavy-Duty Vehicle Smoke Inspection Program (Implementation of AB 1009, Pavley 2004, Ch. 873)  
  AB 1009 requires ARB, in consultation with the CHP, to develop regulations to ensure that heavy-duty commercial vehicles over 10,000 pounds gross vehicle weight operating in California meet emission standards at least as stringent as U. S. EPA standards applicable for the year of engine manufacture. The purpose of the bill is to prevent higher emitting vehicles from operating in the State, thereby reducing excess NOx and PM emissions, and preventing increases of such emissions in the future.

Staff is proposing that the Board amend ARB's existing Heavy Duty Vehicle Inspection Program to ensure that vehicles at least meet the federal emission standards for the year of manufacture and thereby satisfy the requirements of AB 1009. ARB inspectors would determine the emissions standards that each engine was originally designed to comply with by inspecting the engine's emission control label. The amended regulations would prohibit operation in California of vehicles that do not meet at least federal emission standards for the year of manufacture of the engine. Monetary penalties are proposed for missing engine labels and the use of non-compliant engines to enforce the amended regulations. 
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Closed Session

- Litigation  
  The Board will hold a closed session as authorized by Government Code section 11126(e) to confer with, and receive advice from, its legal counsel regarding the following pending lawsuits:

Central Valley Chrysler-Jeep, Inc. et al. v. Witherspoon, U.S. District Court (E.D. Cal. - Fresno), No. CIV-F-04-6663 REC LJO.

Fresno Dodge, Inc. et. al. v. California Air Resources Board and Witherspoon, Superior Court of California (Fresno County), Case No. 04CE CG03498.

General Motors Corp. et. al. v. California Air Resources Board and Witherspoon, Superior Court of California (Fresno County), No. 05CE CG02787.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts, et al. v. United States Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Court of Appeal for the District of Columbia Circuit No. 03-1361.

Caterpillar et al. v California Air Resources Board, Superior Court of California (Sacramento County), No. 05AS01133.

Engine Manufacturers Association v. California Air Resources Board, Superior Court of California (Sacramento County), No. 05CS00386.

California Trucking Assn., et al. v. California Air Resources Board, et al., Superior Court of California (Fresno County), Case No. 00 CE CG 10832.

State of New York, et al. v. Environmental Protection Agency, U. S. Court of Appeals, D. C. Circuit, Case No. 03-1380 (NSR II).

El Comite para el Bienestar de Earlimart; Association of Irritated Residents; Community and Children's Advocates Against Pesticide Poisoning; Wishtoyo Foundation; Ventura Coastkeeper v. Paul Helliker; Terry Tamminen; Catherine Witherspoon; Alan Lloyd; William Burke; Joseph Calhoun; Dorene D'Adamo; Mark DeSaulnier; C. Hugh Friedman; William F. Friedman; Matthew McKinnon; Barbara Patrick; Barbara Riordan and Ron Roberts, in their official capacities, U.S. District Court (E.D. Cal.), No. CIV.S 04 0882

National Paint and Coatings Association, Inc. v. State of California, California Air Resources Board, Superior Court of California (Sacramento County), Case No. 04CS01707.

People of the State of California and California Air Resources Board v. Yamaha Motor Corporation USA, et al.. Superior Court of California (Orange County), Case No. 05CC08702.

January 27, 2006
8:30 a.m.


Electronic Board Book

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Public Meeting to Consider an Update on the Implementationm of the ARB/Railroad Statewide Agreement and to take Action as Approriate  
  Staff will provide an update to the Board on the implementation efforts under the Statewide Rail Yard Agreement and provide clarifications on individual elements of the Agreement. As a continuation of its discussion at the October 27, 2005 meeting, the Board will consider whether to take any action on the Agreement - including but not limited to expressing support for the Agreement or voting to rescind the Agreement - or may take no action, which would leave the Agreement in effect. The Board will accept additional public testimony at the January 27 meeting, provided that such testimony is limited to comments on new documents clarifying the Statewide Agreement or updating the Board on its implementation.   
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Although no formal Board action may be taken, the Board is allowing an opportunity to interested members of the public to address the Board on items of interest that are within the Board's jurisdiction, but that do not specifically appear on the agenda. Each person will be allowed a maximum of five minutes to ensure that everyone has a chance to speak.


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