Board Member List, Photos, and Bios

The following is a list of the current members of the California Air Resources Board. Click on the pictures or name to read a brief biography for each of the members.

Photo of Mary D. Nichols
Mary D. Nichols

Photo of Sandra Berg
Sandra Berg

Vice Chair
Photo of John R. Balmes, M.D.
John R. Balmes, M.D.

Physician Member
Hector De La Torre
Hector De La Torre

Public Member
Photo of John Eisenhut
John Eisenhut

Agriculture Member
Photo of Dean Florez
Dean Florez

Senate Appointed Member
Photo of John Gioia
John Gioia

Bay Area AQMD Member
Photo of Judy Mitchell
Judy Mitchell

South Coast AQMD Member
Photo of Mrs. Barbara Riordan
Mrs. Barbara Riordan

Mojave Desert AQMD Member
Photo of Ron Roberts
Ron Roberts

San Diego APCD Member
Photo Phil Serna
Phil Serna

Sacramento Region Air Districts
Photo of Alexander Sherrifs
Alexander Sherriffs, M.D.

San Joaquin Valley APCD Member
Photo Daniel Sperling
Daniel Sperling

Automotive Related Member
Photo of Diane Takvorian
Diane Takvorian

Assembly Appointed Member
Photo of Ricardo Lara
Senator Ricardo Lara

Ex Officio Member
Photo of Assembly member Garcia
Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia

Ex Officio Member

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