Suggestions for Public Testimony

This page last reviewed April 19, 2018

speaker at podium
  • Please be Brief. The best presentations are organized and to the point.

  • Please be Specific. A clear statement - including specific suggestions for addressing any concerns you may have - is most helpful to the Board. Do you support or oppose the proposed action? What would make it better?

  • Try to Avoid Repetition. If other witnesses raise points you intended to make, simply indicating your agreement would be greatly appreciated. It is not necessary to repeat prior testimony in detail.

  • Watch the Time. The Chairman may impose a time limit (typically three to five minutes) so all witnesses can be heard. It goes by faster than you think! In fact, you may want to skip lengthy self-introductions so the Board hears your primary concerns before the allotted time has elapsed.

  • Rely on the Record. If you have provided written comments on any agenda item, your submission is in the public record. Board members receive copies immediately and read them as they arrive. For this reason, it is not necessary to read the full text of your written comments from the podium. Highlighting key points is sufficient and far more effective. Also, you can avoid delays by providing 30 copies of your written statement and, if applicable, at least one copy of any other part of your testimony, which may include handouts, overheads, slide presentation, or video, to the Clerk of the Board for inclusion in the official record at or before the meeting. 

  • Remember to Sign Up. If you wish to testify on an agenda item, please sign up with the Clerk of the Board. You will be asked to fill out a speaker card, which are located outside the Board room. You will then be called forward by the Chair at the appropriate time during the public hearing.

We hope this information is helpful. Thank you for taking the time to share your views with the California Air Resources Board. Your written and oral comments are an important part of the public hearing process and we are glad you are here! You can also view this page in PDF format.