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Truck and Bus Regulation
Check Compliance Status

Here you can look up companies or fleets that have reported to comply with the Truck and Bus regulation. You can search by entering any part of the company name, TRUCRS ID, or Motor Carrier Number. Only fleets that have confirmed compliance with the current compliance year requirements and printed their certificate will be listed. This fleet information is updated nightly.

Anyone who operates or directs the operation of any vehicle subject to the Truck and Bus regulation needs to verify that each hired company is either in compliance with the regulation or has reported compliance to the Air Resources Board. See How to Verify if Hired Fleets Comply.

If you do not know all the fleets' information, you can search using all or part of the TRUCRS ID, the company name, or the motor carrier number. For example, if ABC Trucking has a TRUCRS ID of 123456 and a motor carrier number of CA56789, you can search for the fleet by just typing in ABC, or 123, or CA567, or ABC 678.

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