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This page last reviewed February 05, 2015

Toxic gas analyzers

Operational Tools and Guidance for Emergency Air Monitoring, Sampling, Modeling, Meteorology, and Data Management

Particulate Monitoring
ARB Air Monitoring SOPs
ARB E-Bam Evaluation (pdf)
EBAM Guidance for Particulate Monitoring in Emergencies (pdf)
EBAM Telemetry (pdf)
USFS Smoke Particulate Monitor Comparison (2006)

Sampling Plans and Data Management

E-BAM Deployment Form
CTEH Sampling Plan from the BP Oil Spill (pdf)
OER Monitoring & Sampling Plan (pdf)
CARPA Monitoring & Sampling Plan (docx)
Use of AirNow during Emergencies (pdf)

Toxic Releases and Fires

The US EPA developed an array of Emergency Response Air Monitoring Guidance Tables (2009 edition) which are quick-reference guides to assist field responders during emergency response or time-critical site clean-up. The guidance covers the following scenarios:

Acid Spill or ReleasePesticide or Fertilizer Fire
Ammonia Spill or ReleasePhosphorus Spill, Release, or Fire
Chemical Plant FireTire Fire
Chlorine Spill or ReleaseWood-Treating Facility Spill or Release
Electroplating Facility Spill, Release, or FireVolcano
General Industrial FireChemical Warfare Agents
Landfill Release or FireEthanol Spill, Release, or Fire
Magnesium FireSpacecraft Debris
Mercury Spill or ReleaseRiots
Oil Spill, Release, or FireClandestine Labs

Air Now  (real time data - US)
ARB's Air Quality and Meteorological Information System (real time data - CA)
CA Air Monitoring Sites

LANL Computational Fluid Dynamics

National Weather Service (current conditions & forecasts)
NOAA Archived Meteorology data
NOAA HYSPLIT dispersion models
San Francisco Bay surface winds (real time; USGS)
Wind Profiler Page (US Navy)

Join the CARPA Data Subcommittee

The Data Subcommittee considers all aspects of planning for and conducting air quality or toxics measurements, including air monitoring, sampling, modeling, and data management. For more information or to join the subcommittee, please contact either of the co-chairs, Charles Pearson or John Kennedy or, simply email