CARPA Toolkit - Message to Audience

This page last reviewed September 30, 2014

Air Monitoring Equipment

Useful Tools and Templates for Messaging and Emergency Communication during an Airborne Release or other Emergency Impacting Air Quality


Actionable (pdf)
Schematic of the criteria for actionable data, including accuracy, relevancy, usability, timeliness, and accessibility.

Airborne Emergency Response Procedures (doc)
A guide for local health officers and air pollution control officers to use for preparedness and response to major air emergencies

Messaging off the Grid (pdf)
Tips for getting critical information out when communication systems are down

National Park Service Smoke Communication Strategy (pdf)
The purpose of this communication strategy is to provide factual talking points about smoke that can be used during prescribed fires, response to wildland fires, and fires occurring in adjacent areas.

Protect Your Lungs from Wildfire Smoke (pdf)
Guidance on masks that can protect your lungs from wildfire smoke.

Safe Clean up of Fire Ash (pdf)
Guidance for handling ash following a wildfire

Social Media in Emergency Response (pdf)
A guide to how the emergency response community can use social media

Wildfire Smoke: A Guide for Public Health Officials (pdf)
Guidance for fire, public health, and air quality officials on making decisions involving public impact of smoke from wildfires. Includes descriptions of the air quality index, public health statement templates, ash cleanup guidelines, and mask guidelines.

Templates and Examples

Air Quality Warning Template
Eastern Kern Smoke Advisory - July 2011 (pdf)
Extreme Heat Media Toolkit - CDC
Joint Information System/Joint Information Center (JIS/JIC) Plan - Template from Mariposa County (pdf)
Natural Ignition Communication Protocol (rev. 2011)
North Coast Air Quality Alert - July 2008 (pdf)
North Coast Smoke Warning - July 2008 (pdf)
Smoke Communication Strategy - template (doc)
Tips for Children (template)
Tips to Lessen Health Impacts (template)
Tips for Residents (template)
Tips for Seniors (template)

Useful Links

Air Now  (real time data - US)
California Air Districts
California Association of Public Information Officers
California Emergency Management Agency
California Environmental Health Directors
California Local Health Officers
Wildland Fire Smoke Messaging  (from the Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center)

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