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Co-benefit Assessment Methods

California Climate Investments (CCI) support the State's climate change goals and provide additional social, economic, and environmental benefits, or "co-benefits." The Legislature, through enactment of AB 1532 (Chapter 807, Statues 2012), directed administering agencies to maximize co-benefits of these investments. As a result, CCI projects are delivering a broad spectrum of benefits to individuals, households, businesses, and communities.

CARB is responsible for providing guidance to administering agencies on quantifying co-benefits from CCI projects. To assist with that effort, CARB staff contracted with the University of California, Berkeley (UCB) to research methods for assessing CCI co‑benefits. Ten co-benefits have been prioritized for early development based on administering agency and stakeholder input. UCB is first conducting literature reviews and documenting their findings and recommendations. UCB will then develop quantitative or qualitative methods to assess the co-benefits, as appropriate. Co-benefit assessment methods will be developed, in consultation with administering agencies through a public process. Additional information will be posted below as it becomes available.

For questions about the CARB co-benefit efforts or UCB research, please email us at To help us serve you better, please provide the following information: name and company/industry, contact information, and question or comment.

Co-benefit Assessment Methods:

The expandable list below includes co-benefit assessment methods and supporting materials.

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