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Co-benefit Assessment Methodologies

California Climate Investments support the State's climate change goals and provide many additional benefits to individuals, households, businesses, and communities. These "co-benefits" include social, economic, and environmental benefits. CARB provides guidance to administering agencies on quantifying and reporting outcomes from California Climate Investments and contracted with the University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley) to help research and develop methods for evaluating project co-benefits. 

The co-benefits evaluated below were prioritized based on broad applicability to California Climate Investments programs. UC Berkeley first reviewed the scientific data to determine if methods could be developed and summarized the findings in literature reviews. Next, UC Berkeley and CARB developed Co-benefit Assessment Methodologies where feasible. Draft Co-benefit Assessment Methodologies and associated literature reviews are provided below. General guidance on assessing California Climate Investments co-benefits is available in CARB's Funding Guidelines.

CARB has extended the public comment period and is accepting public comments on the Draft Co-benefit Assessment Methodologies at through May 25, 2018.

Co-benefit Assessment Methodologies:

The expandable list below includes Co-benefit  Assessment Methodologies and supporting materials.

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