This page last reviewed May 11, 2016

Cap-and-Trade Regulation: Comments and Materials Received Between Workshop and Official Regulatory Comment Periods

Below are informal comments and materials submitted to ARB regarding the Cap-and-Trade Regulation 2016 Amendments. These comments and materials were received were outside of the comment period for public workshops associated with the amendment process and outside official regulatory comment periods.

# Received From Date


1 Sato Tracy, et al., SCPPA 2015-11-23 Attachment
2 Halbrook, Claire, Pacific Gas and Electric Company 2015-12-10 Attachment
3 Rubio, Michael J., Chevron U.S.A., Inc. 2016-02-11 Attachment
4 Goklaney, Jason, EnviroTech Consultants, Inc. 2016-02-11 Attachment
5 Zierman, Rock, California Independent Petroleum Association 2016-02-11 Attachment
6 Reheis-Boyd, Catherine H., Western States Petroleum Association 2016-02-11 Attachment
7 Halbrook, Claire, Pacific Gas and Electric Company 2016-05-11 Attachment
8 Umenhofer, Tom, Western States Petroleum Association 2016-05-17 Attachment
9 Wood, Patrick, Ag Methane Advisors 2016-06-09 Attachment

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