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Solar Voluntary Renewable Electricity Program

The Voluntary Renewable Electricity (VRE) Program allows purchasers of eligible voluntary renewable electricity to request retirement of allowances on their behalf under the Cap-and-Trade Program. The VRE Program supports purchases of renewable electricity and renewable energy credits (REC) that are not mandated by the Renewables Portfolio Standard, and provides a mechanism for the recognition of voluntary purchases of renewable electricity or RECs in the Cap-and-Trade Program.  The Cap-and-Trade Regulation specifies a percentage of allowances to be set aside each year for VRE purposes.

ARB will retire allowances each year for eligible voluntary renewable electricity generated in the previous year.  The regulation provides one half percent of the annual budget for the budget years in the first compliance period, and then a quarter of a percent for the budget years in the subsequent compliance periods, to be dedicated to a voluntary renewable electricity account, from which allowances may be retired.  The total allowances that may be retired for each vintage year are reflected in the table below.  

Application Forms for Voluntary GHG Allowance Retirement:

The information requested in the VRE Application Form and VRE Generator Form (available at the links below) and all supporting documents should be received by ARB no later than 5:00 p.m. on July 1 of the year following the year the voluntary renewable electricity was generated.  To facilitate timely processing of applications, ARB requests that applicants also submit a scanned copy of the signed application and all supporting documentation, as well as Excel spreadsheet versions of the VRE Generator Form and the WREGIS REC Retirement Report, via email to  Please mail the original signed copy of the VRE Application, the VRE Generator Form, and all supporting documentation to the following address: 

Voluntary Renewable Electricity Program Administrator
California Air Resources Board
CCPEB, 6th Floor
1001 “I” Street
Sacramento,CA 95814

Voluntary Renewable Electricity
Program Allowance Totals

Vintage Year1
Allowances Available for Retirement Allowances Retired Allowances Remaining
2013 814,000 394,007 419,993
2014 798,500 0 798,500
2015 986,250 0 986,250
2016 956,000 0 956,000
2017 926,000 0 926,000
2018 895,750 0 895,750
2019 865,750 0 865,750
2020 835,500 0 835,500
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This table also shows the approved megawatt-hours.

For questions or comments, please email the voluntary renewable electricity program administrator at

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