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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory and Mandatory Reporting
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Emissions Inventory


Mandatory Reporting

GHG Emissions Inventory (General): Webster Tasat
Phone: 916.323.4950
GHG Mandatory Reporting (General): Douglas Thompson
Phone: 916.322.7062
Staff Report on GHG Emissions Inventory: Jamesine Rogers
Phone: 916.323.2722
Reporting Regulation: Patrick Gaffney
Phone: 916.322.7303
Utilities, Landfills, Refineries & Stationary Combustion: Larry Hunsaker
Phone: 916.324.7168
General Reporting Protocol & Verification Rajinder Sahota
Phone: 916.323.8503
Land Use & Forestry: Klaus Scott
Phone: 916.327.0301
Power & Utilities: Pamela Burmich
Phone: 916.323.8475
Agriculture: Neva Lowery
Phone: 916.323.4887
Sam Wade
Phone: 916.324.0585
LinYing Li
Phone: 916.322.1721
  Cement & Cogeneration: Dana Papke
Phone: 916.323.2308
Cement, Semiconductor & Industrial Processes: Johnnie Raymond
Phone: 916.324.7901
  Forestry: Jeanne Panek
Phone: 916.322.1029
Transportation: Kevin Eslinger
Phone: 916.445.2151
  Oil & Gas: Byard Mosher
Phone: 916.323.1185
GHG Emission Inventory Database: Marc Vayssieres
Phone: 916.322.8461
General questions regarding Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory and Mandatory Reporting requirements, please contact: Richard Bode , Chief, Emission Inventory Branch, Phone: 916.323.8413

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory and Mandatory Reporting