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Setting the Record Straight on AB 32

The facts on California’s plan to reduce greenhouse gases and move toward a clean, green economy

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed landmark legislation to reduce the state’s greenhouse gas emissions in 2006.  The Global Warming Solutions Act, or AB 32, will not only protect and preserve California’s natural resources but will also grow our economy and promote clean, renewable jobs.  But big polluters are waging a highly organized misinformation war against AB 32 to repeal the emissions law.

Here are the facts:

MYTH: “AB 32 will regulate small businesses and cost them $46,900 a year.”

MYTH: “AB 32 will cost each household thousands of dollars a year.”

MYTH: “AB 32 is making California less competitive, driving businesses out of state.”

MYTH: “We cannot afford untried and untested approaches to changing our economy.”