Compost Emissions Air District VOC Rules

This page last reviewed July 3, 2014

District Title Description
SCAQMD Rule 1133 Composting and Related Operations--General Administrative Requirements, January 10, 2003
Creates an emissions-related informational database on composting with a registration process. (Staff Report 1133 Series)
SCAQMD Rule 1133.2 Emissions Reductions from Co-Composting Operations, January 10, 2003 Reduce VOC and ammonia emissions from co-composting operations.
SCAQMD Rule 1133.1 Chipping and Grinding Activities, January 10, 2003 Prevent inadvertant decomposition from occuring during chipping and grinding activities.
SJVAPCD 4565 Biosolids, Animal Manure, and Poultry Litter Operations, March 15, 2007 Limit VOC emissions from operations involving the management of biosolids, animal manure, or poultry litter. (Staff Report) (Cost Effectiveness) (Emissions Reduction) (Public Comments)

Proposed Rule:  Composting Green Waste Green waste, chipping and grinding  (Preliminary Draft Staff Report--Updating Draft)
SJVAPCD 4566 Proposed Rule:  Organic Waste Operations, April 10,2008  (Draft Staff Report--Updating Draft)

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