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Economic and Technology Advancement Advisory Committee


Meeting Handouts


 May 31, 2007

 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Main Auditorium
South Coast Air Quality Management District Building
21865 Copley Dr.
Diamond Bar, CA 91765


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The California Air Resources Board’s (ARB) Global Warming Economic and Technical Advancement Advisory Committee was formed as directed by the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (110 KB - pdf) to:
  "advise (ARB) on activities that will facilitate investment in and implementation of technological research and development opportunities including, but not limited to, identifying new technologies, research, demonstration projects, funding opportunities, developing state, national, and international partnerships and technology transfer opportunities, and identifying and assessing research and advanced technology investment and incentive opportunities that will assist in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The committee may also advise the ARB on state, regional, national, and international economic and technological developments related to greenhouse gas emission reductions."  
Committee members have been appointed by the Board based on their knowledge and expertise in fields of business, technology research and development, climate change, and economics. The Committee is chaired by former ARB chairman and former CalEPA Secretary Alan Lloyd, Ph D. Meetings of the Committee are subject to the Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Act and will include opportunities for public testimony.

The handouts for the May 31, 2007 meeting are listed below:
Agenda - For the May 31st meeting (76 KB - pdf)  
Member information:
  ETAAC Member list - (62 KB - pdf)  
Other Committee Member Information:  
  Environmental Justice Advisory Committee Members  
  Market Advisory Commitee Members - Link Expired  
Invited speakers for May 31 Meeting of the Economic and Technology Advancement Advisory Committee  
  Speaker List - (38 KB - pdf)  
  Nancy Sutley (84 KB - pdf)  
  Angela Johnson-Mezaros (524 KB - pdf)  
  Chung Liu - (833 KB - pdf)  
  Lee Harrington - No Presentation Slides Used  
  Susan Hackwood / Jane Long (8,560 KB - pdf)  
  Ann Peterson (598 KB - pdf)  
  Amy Zimpfer - (3,076 KB - pdf)  
  Cal Broomhead - (2,610 KB - pdf)  
  Lisa Bicker (377 KB - pdf)  
  Alex Farrell (77 KB - pdf)  
Sector Presentations:  
  Dorothy Rothrock - (477 KB - pdf)  
  Cynthia Cory - (94 KB - pdf)  
  Andrea Tuttle - (764 KB - pdf)  
  Alex Farrell - No Presentation Slides Used  
  Bob Epstein - (125 KB - pdf) - CleanTech Executive Summary (227 KB - pdf)  
  Fong Wan / Hal LeFlash - (1,559 KB - pdf)  
Draft Report:
  Draft Report - (52 KB - pdf)  
  Report Schedule Task List - (4 KB - pdf)  
Summary of Grant and Contract Programs  
  Program summary spreadsheet - (73 KB - pdf)  
Public Comments  
  Apollo Alliance letter to ETAAC - (117 KB - pdf)  
  Near Term Action Items for Carpool - (95 KB - pdf)  
  Climate Protection Campaign - (80 KB - pdf)  
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For questions, please contact: Jorn D. Herner at (916) 324-9299
or Michael FitzGibbon, Branch Chief, Research Division at (916) 323-2389