Last reviewed on May 6, 2015

1990 to 2004 Inventory Data and Documentation

Illustration of a document archive with drawers for each greenhouse gas
GHG inventory archive


This is the first edition of California's GHG inventory published by the ARB in November 2007. The GHG emissions and sinks are categorized in three ways:

  1. Scoping Plan; follows the categories identified in the ARB Scoping Plan.
  2. Process-oriented categories; follows the IPCC categorization to ensure comparability with international inventories.
  3. Economic sectors; enables comparison with other ARB emission inventories, which are similarly categorized.

1990-2004 Inventory Data

Query the 1990 inventory (AR4 GWPs)

bullet Query the 1990 inventory by economic sector and/or by activity. This interactive query tool allows you to select a subset of the inventory in a table, view it or download it to your computer, find out how each of the emissions values was estimated, and plot the data. More details on the query tool's help page.

Download the entire 1990-2004 inventory (SAR GWPs)

Download a Summary of the 1990-2004 Inventory (SAR GWPs)


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