Oil & Natural Gas Production, Processing, and Storage

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Crude Oil and Natural Gas Industry Survey

The ARB conducted a survey of the crude oil and natural gas industry to improve estimates of GHG emissions in California.  We collected data for the 2007 calendar year to quantify equipment and operation processes. For questions or comments, please contact Stephanie Detwiler at(916) 324-8024.

Final Report (Revised): 2007 Oil and Gas Industry Survey Results, Final Report (Revised), October 2013 (posted November 1, 2013)

Final Report:
2007 Oil and Gas Industry Survey Results, Final Report, December 2011 (posted December 14, 2011)

Draft Report: 2007 Oil and Gas Industry Survey Results, Draft Report, August 2011

The ARB staff has posted, for public review and comment, a draft report of the results from our 2007 Oil and Gas Industry Survey conducted in 2009. We are interested in all comments, but are especially interested in suggestions concerning how the data could be better summarized or displayed. We are seeking comments by September 2, 2011.

December 8, 2009 Workshop on Draft Survey Results:

The following are the survey documents mailed to all California oil and gas operators:

On March 26, 2009, the ARB staff conducted a training class in Bakersfield, California to assist operators with completing the Oil & Natural Gas Industry Survey. You can download a copy of the Power Point presentation below: