Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting 

This page updated March 22, 2017


Mandatory reporting logoInformation on California’s Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting program.

What's New

NEW  Revised EPE Workbooks and Guidance.  The Excel reporting workbooks for Electric Power Entities (EPE) have been posted (Workbooks 1, 2, 3, 4) for reporting 2016 data. In addition, staff has updated the EPE FAQs document. The EPE reporting deadline is June 1, 2017. (Added 3/9/2017) 

NEW  Webinar for GHG Emissions Data Reporting for Electric Power Entities (EPEs). On March 14, 2017, ARB staff provided an online training webinar to discuss tool changes, updated reporting workbooks, and guidance for EPEs. Presentation slides are posted here. (Updated 3/22/2017)

bullet  Cal e-GGRT Activated for 2016 Data Reporting. Reporters may now enter their 2016 data into the California Electronic Greenhouse Gas Reporting Tool (Cal e-GGRT). Reports must be submitted and verified by the dates on the Key Dates web page.  (1/25/2017)

bullet  EPE - Asset Controlling Supplier (ACS) System Emission Factors for Calendar Year 2017.  The ACS emissions factors are now available. (12/13/2016)

bullet  2015 GHG Emissions Data Available and Updates to Posted 20112014 Data.  The 2015 GHG emissions data summary spreadsheet is now available. In addition, updated spreadsheets are posted for the 20112014 reported data. (11/4/2016)

bullet  Proposed Mandatory Reporting Regulation (MRR) and Staff Report Available. On September 22, 2016, the Air Resources Board conducted a public hearing to consider proposed amendments to MRR.  The regulatory documents are available here.  (Updated 9/30/2016)


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Reporting of greenhouse gases by major sources is required by the California Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32, 2006). The Mandatory Reporting Regulation is applicable to industrial facilities, fuel suppliers, and electricity importers. All GHG emissions data reports must comply with the regulatory requirements and be submitted via the Cal e-GGRT reporting system.

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