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Revisions to the California Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting Regulation

This page updated October 24, 2013


This page includes materials associated with revisions to the ARB mandatory greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting regulation (title 17, California Code of Regulations, sections 95100-95157). These changes are curently scheduled for consideration during the October 2013 meeting of the California Air Resources Board.

  • Informal Public Comments posted based on the ARB's June 26th workshop, July 23rd webinar, and release of the July 17th MRR discussion draft.
  • Discussion Draft - July 17, 2013. Staff has posted potential regulatory language for the mandatory reporting regulation.  The potential language reflects some of the comments from the June 26th, 2013, workshop and expand upon the information presented at the workshop.  Additional changes to support the reporting and Cap-and-Trade programs are still being evaluated and will be included in the official rulemaking package.

Archive of Past Activities

Webinar - July 23, 2013
Webinar for Electric Power Entities on Potential Revisions to Section 95111 of Mandatory Reporting Regulation

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Workshop - June 26th, 2013
Public Workshop to Discuss Potential Revisions to the Mandatory GHG Reporting Regulation
See workshop notice for summary of proposed changes and other information
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