This page last reviewed May 12, 2016

Accreditation and Oversight

ARB has established and implemented a verification program to support mandatory GHG reporting. Two primary components are an accreditation program for GHG verification bodies and individual verifiers and a verifier performance oversight program. ARB is responsible for evaluating the verification services provided by ARB-accredited verification bodies and verifiers to ensure California's high quality standards are achieved.

Only ARB-accredited verification bodies may provide verification services to reporting entities. The following web link provides a list of ARB-accredited verification bodies. Additional accredited individuals listed in the second link may participate on verification teams as subcontractors  to accredited verification bodies. The third-party verification requirements, threshold, and deadline are specified in section 95103(f) of the reporting regulation.

List of Accredited Verification Bodies and Executive Orders
List of Accredited Individual Verifiers  
Executive Orders for Individual Verifiers

Information about verifier guidance and accreditation training can be found on the training webpage.

Accreditation Fact Sheet
Summary of ARB's Accreditation and Verification Oversight
More about Verification and Audits