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This page updated October 13, 2016

Subject Matter Contact
GHG Emissions Quality Assurance Section Manager Ryan Schauland
Stationary Combustion, Electricity Generation, and Cogeneration Facilities
Process Emissions Specialist and Associated Product Data:
  • Cement Production, Glass Production, Lime Manufacturing, Nitric Acid Production, Pulp and Paper Manufacturing, Iron and Steel Production, Lead Production
Rania Heider
Biomass Derived Fuels
Transactions Specialty:
  • Electricity Retail Providers and Marketers
  • Suppliers of Transportation Fuels
  • Suppliers of Natural Gas, NGLs, LPG, CNG, LNG
  • Suppliers of Carbon Dioxide
Ryan Schauland
Oil and Gas Systems Specialty:
  • Petroleum Refineries
  • Hydrogen Plants
  • Oil and Gas Production
Chris Halm
ARB's GHG Mandatory Reporting Staff Sector Contacts
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