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Stationary Equipment Refrigerant Management Program

This page provides a list of reference documents related to the Stationary Equipment Refrigerant Management Program.

California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB32) (PDF 110KB)

ARB Publications
     Refrigerant Management Program Final Regulation (PDF 156KB)
     Early Action Report (complete final) (PDF 1.92MB)
     Early Action Report (high-GWP tracking/reporting/repair/deposit sector) (PDF 69KB)
     Refrigerant Management Program draft regulation
        Initial Statement of Reasons (ISOR) (PDF 784 KB; with Appendices: PDF 3.3 MB note: very large file)
           Appendix A - Draft Regulation for Management of High Global Warming Potential Refrigerants (PDF 94 KB)
           Appendix B - California Facilities and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory (PDF 275 KB)
           Appendix C - Economic Impact Estimates (PDF 84 KB)
           Appendix D - Summary of the Public Process in Development of the High-Global Warming Potential Stationary Source Refrigerant Management Program (PDF 1.2 MB note: large file)
           Appendix E - South Coast Air Quality Management District Rule 1415 (PDF 77 KB)
           Appendix F - Code of Federal Regulations, Tiele 40, Part 82, Subpart F - Recycling and Emissions Reductions (PDF 743 KB)

South Coast Air Quality Management District
     Rule 1415

     Title VI Protection of Stratospheric Ozone
     Regulation (40 CFR 82, Subpart F) under Section 608 of the CAA