Refrigerant Management Program
Special Repair Provisions

(Section 95386)

  • If a certified technician or parts are not available, or the repair requires an industrial process shutdown, 45 days are allowed with proper records kept.
  • Refrigerant Leak Repair 120-Day Allowance. The owner or operator of a refrigeration system has 120 days to repair a refrigerant leak or replace a leaking component(s) if all of the following conditions apply:
    • The facility owner or operator is an entity subject to Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting requirements; and
    • The refrigeration system is an industrial process refrigeration appliance; and
    • The refrigerant leak repair requires an industrial process shutdown; and
    • Written records are maintained to document that all the conditions required under this subsection are met.

If leak repair fails, the facility owner or operator must follow the Retrofit and Retirement plan for that system.

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