Refrigerant Management Program
Retrofit and Retirement

(Section 95387)

If Leak repair fails, a facility must follow the Retrofit and Retirement plan for that system, highlighted below.

  • A retrofit and retirement plan is a plan to retire the equipment within six months after the initial detection of a leak if a leak cannot be repaired.
  • The plan must be kept on the site of the leaking refrigeration system and must include:
    • The system identification number of the refrigeration system being retired or retrofitted.
    • Equipment type, manufacturer and model or description.
    • Intended physical location of the refrigeration system through schematic or floor plan with locations clearly noted.
    • Temperature classification – The refrigeration system must be identified as a low temperature system, a medium temperature system, or other.
    • Full charge and type of high-GWP refrigerant(s) of the refrigeration system.
    • If a refrigeration system is to be retired and replaced, a plan to dispose of the retired refrigeration system.
    • A timetable which includes, at a minimum:
      • The date installation, construction, or retrofit of the refrigeration system is expected to begin, and
      • The expected completion date of the installation, construction, or retrofit of the refrigeration system.
      • A signature by a representative of the facility, including the date signed.

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