This page last reviewed December 15, 2008

Summary of Scoping Plan Comments

The Air Resources Board (ARB) has compiled and posted a variety of Scoping Plan comments.  This page serves as a clearinghouse to link you to all Scoping Plan comments that are posted by ARB.  The types of posted comments include Scoping Plan document comments, formal letters sent to ARB staff, comments related to the AB 32 program design and economic analysis technical stakeholder work group meetings, voluntary early action comments, in addition to ideas received from the initial public solicitation of greenhouse gas reduction ideas.  For more detailed information, please follow the web links below.

Proposed Scoping Plan Document Comments:

Draft Scoping Plan Document Comments:

Comments related to the Technical Stakeholder Work Group Process:

Formal Scoping Plan letters and comments prior to June 26, 2008:

Voluntary Early Action Comments:

In recognition and encouragement of voluntary early actions to reduce greenhouse gases, ARB staff compiled and posted stakeholder comments received as part of this effort.

Public Solicitation:

In August of 2007, ARB staff solicited for public ideas to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

* Please note that comments are posted in the form in which they are received and do not represent an ARB endorsement.