This page last reviewed December 1, 2008

The following ideas for greenhouse gas reduction measures from the Agricultural Sector were submitted in response to the Air Resources Board public solicitation.


Received From


Attachments (if applicable)

1 Devra Wang - Natural Resource Defense Council Renewable Fuels (Biomethane) in the Natural Gas Sector Attach
2 Paul J. Von Hartmann - Project Peace Public Solicitation for Ideas to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions  
3  Kenneth Wiener Wildfire Management Attach 
4 Dr. John Holbrook - Ammonia Fuel Network Ammonia Fuel for Irrigation Pumps Attach
5 Steve Heckeroth Reducing Fossil Fuel Dpendence and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Agriculture Attach

For further information, please contact Robert DuVall at (916) 324-5930.