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The following ideas for greenhouse gas reduction measures from the Electricity Sector were submitted in response to the Air Resources Board public solicitation.


Received From


Attachments (if applicable)

 1 Norman A. Pedersen - Southern Ca Public Power Authority  Ideas to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Attach
 2 Mark Ramsaier via Laura Moorhead
Applied Intellectual Capital
Advanced Flow Battery Attach
 3 Karim Amrane - Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute Early Replacement of Residential Central Air conditioners and Heat Pumps
Attach1, Attach2
 4 Rick Williamson - Wind Power Partners,LLC Wind Farm Development, Cape Mendocino Humboldt County Attach
 5 Rachel McMahon - Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies Accelerated Zero, Carbon Energy Procurement - Competitive Renewable
Accelerated Zero, Carbon Energy Procurement - Lowest Cost Energy Planning
Accelerated Zero, Carbon Energy Procurement - Renewable Energy Price Benchmark
Attach1Attach2, Attach3
 6 John Redding - International Power Services Company Simplified combined Cycle Technology Attach 
 7 Larry Schlussler, PhD - SUN FROST Suggested Rebate System Attach 
8 Kenneth W. Mayes Jr. - Concerned Citizen Production of Nuclear Based Power Attach 
9 Don Lutz PE Reduce Global Warming in California  
10 Devra Wang - Natural Resources Defense Council Low Impact Development
Energy Efficiency Ratings and Standards for Buildings at Time of Sale
Urban Water Use Efficiency
Water Recycling
Attach1, Attach2, Attach3, Attach4, Attach5
11 Timothy J O'Connor - Environmental Defense California Electricity Sector in a Multi-Sector Cap-and-Trade Program Attach
12 C. Susie Berlin - McCarthy & Berlin, LLP Northern California Power Agency Comment Attach
13 Cliff Chen - Union of Concerned Scientists Establishing in law a 33% Renewables Portfolio Standard by 2020 Attach
14 Diane Swann Compensation for Solar Electricity Attach
15 John Holbrook - Ammonia Fuel Network Ammonia Fuel for Peaker Plants and Back-Up Electric Generators Attach
16 Matt Vander Sluis - Planning and Conservation League California Wate Use Attach

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