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The following ideas for greenhouse gas reduction measures from the Other Sector were submitted in response to the Air Resources Board public solicitation.


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Attachments (if applicable)

1 John Holbrook - Ammonia Fuel Network Ammonia Fuel for Irrigation Pumps
Ammonia Fuel for Peaker Plants and Back-Up Electric Generators
Ammonia Fuel for California Highway Vehicles
Attach1, Attach2, Attach3
2 Thomas W. Oakes, PhD - Solar Hydrogen Co Emission Reduction by Direct Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Generation
and Energy Generation by Hydrogen Fuel Cel Employing no Fossil Fuel or Utility Electricity
4 Michael Gabel - California Association of Building Energy Consultants State Certification of Energy Analysts for the Title 24 Building Energy
Efficiency Standards
Attach1, Attach2
John M. Batt - Airgas, Inc.  Mandating use of 30 lb refillable refrigerant cylinders in the professional
service sector
6 Van Bogart - Clean Fuel USA Propane Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A Comparative Analysis Attach 
7 Diane Swann HOA Clothesline Standards
Employee Environmental Performance Standards
Attach1, Attach2
8 Kenneth W. Mayes, Jr. - Concerned Citizen Elimination of Solid Waste Disposal Attach
9 Nick Lapis - Californians Against Waste Phase Out Diversion Credit for Use of Greenwaste Material as "Alternative
Daily Cover"
Commercial Recycling
Greenwaste Composting
Material-specific Disposal Limits
Recyling Protocol
Attach1, Attach2, Attach3, Attach4, Attach5
10 Ken Johnson1 (email1), Ken Johnson2 (email2) Cap-and-Trade with Auctioned Allocation, a Price Floor, and Output-Based
Cap-and-Trade with Governor-authorized safety valve
Attach1, Attach2,
(Excel), Attach3(pdf), Attach4, Attach5
11 Mike Sandler - Climate Protection Campaign Cap and Auction
Carbon Share
Carbon Permit Fee
Attach1, Attach2, Attach3
12 Steve Moss - San Francisco Community Power Community and Trade Attach1
13 Richard Burroughs Anesthetic Gas Reclamation Attach
14 Jody Gorran Hybrid Swimming Pool Heating Act Attach
15 Rafael Aguilera - Verde Group Climate Solutions for Communities (CSC) Program
Ideas to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Attach1, Attach2
16 Timothy O'Connor - Environmental Defense Emission Reductions From Improved Urban Water Use efficiency
Oil and Gas in a Multi-Sector Cap-and-Trade Program
Reduce GHG's through the Smart and Efficient Use of Land in the State
California Natural Gas Sector in a Multi-Sector Cap-and-Trade Program
Emissions Measurement and Modeling Methods for Landfills in a Multi-Sector Cap-and Trade Program
Attach1, Attach2, Attach3, Attach4, Attach5
17 Evan Edgar - California Refuse Removal Council Recycling and Composting Protocol Attach
18 Devra Wang - Natural Resources Defense Council NRDC Recommendations for Policies to Reduce Global Warming Pollution
Investigation of the feasibility and Benefits of Low-Impact Site Design Practices (LID) for Ventura County
Attach1, Attach2
19 Chris Caron - Duraflame New Bio-wax Biologs Attach

For further information, please contact Robert DuVall at (916) 324-5930.