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The following ideas for greenhouse gas reduction measures from the Sequestration Sector were submitted in response to the Air Resources Board public solicitation.


Received From


Attachments (if applicable)

1 Michal V. Wolkin - PARC CO2 Capturing Plant (Emission Reduction Measure Form)
Project Description
Attach1, Attach2, Attach3
2 Steven A. Brink - Ca Forestry Association Active Management of California's Forest Service National Forestlands Attach
3 Steven Brink - Ca Forestry Association Use of Chicago Climate Exchange Forestry Protocols Attach
4 William Coleman -Planktos Inc GHG Offsets via Forest and Ocean Carbon Capture & Sequestration
ETAAC Game Changers
Attach1, Attach2
5 Devra Wang - Natural Resources Defense Council Forest Sector Public Goods Charge and Incentive-Based Regulatory Framework Attach
6 Timothy J O'Connor - Environmental Defense Long Term GHG Sequestration Attach
7 Alina Kulilowski-Tan - Carbon Capture Corporation White Paper Discussing Relevance and Benefits to California
Carbon Dioxide Emissions Control for Natural Gas-Fired Power Generation
Biofixation of Emissions from Power Generation
Attach1, Attach2, Attach3

For further information, please contact Robert DuVall at (916) 324-5930.