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The following ideas for greenhouse gas reduction measures from the Transportation Sector were submitted in response to the Air Resources Board public solicitation.


Received From


Attachments (if applicable)

1 William Jacobson - Will Engineering Urea/Ammonia Injection into Vehicle Exhaust Gases Attach
2 Gary Bailey High speed rail  
3 Diana McKeen - Town of Apple Valley Public School Transportation  
Kenneth Mayes Mass Tansportation Energy Efficiency Standard Attach
5 Ken Johnson Attribute-Based Vehicle Feebate Attach1, Attach2,
Attach3(Excel), Attach3(pdf)
6 Spencer Quong - Union Concerned Scientists Vehicle Feebates Program Attach
7 Tim Castleman - Drive 55 Conservation Project Drive 55 Conservation Project
Emissions Impact of Elimination of the National 55 mph Speed Limit
Attach1, Attach2, Attach3
8 Mark Abramowitz - Community Environmental Services RTG Crane Energy Regeneration System Attach1, Attach2
Don Anair - Union of Concerned Scientists Heavy Duty Speed Reduction
Heavy-Duty Vehicle Idling Regulation
Attach1, Attach2
10 Val Joseph Menotti - BART Increase Use of Public Transit Attach
11 Bruce McLaughlin (E-mail1), Bruce McLaughlin (E-mail2) Reducing Unproductive Fuel Uses in Relation to Locomotive Idling by Encouraging Electrification
Reducing Unproductive Fuel Uses in Relation to Vehicle Highway Speed
Attach1, Attach2, Attach3
11 Bonnie Holmes - American Lung Association Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks/Goods Movement Attach
12 Devra Wang - Natural Resources Defense Council Local Sourcing of Government Purchases
Transit and Related Transportation Measures
Electrification and Efficiency Improvements of Freight Transport
Land Use and Smart Growth Policies
Attach1, Attach2, Attach3, Attach4, Attach5
13 Adrienne Alvord - Amyris Biotechnologies Amyris Biomass Derived Diesel, Jet, and Gasoline Attach
14 Timothy J. O'Connor - Environmental Defense Reduce GHG Emissions from the Transportation Sector Attach
 15 Diane Swann Expansion of Bike Racks on Buses
Pay at the Pump Auto Insurance
Lower Speed Limit
Attach1, Attach2, Attach3
16 John Holbrook - Ammonia Fuel Network Ammonia fuel for California Highway Vehicles Attach
17 Rajiv Bhatia - San Francisco Department of Public Health Highway Maximum Speed Limits Reductions to 55 MPH Attach

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