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The California Air Resources Board (ARB) collected information on the use and emissions of fluorinated gases from the semiconductor industry. Gathering this information is part of ARB's responsibilities under the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (Health and Safety Code section 38500 to 38599). The information will be used to develop a regulation for reducing fluorinated gas emissions from semiconductor manufacturing cover letter. Completion of the survey was mandatory for all entities that received a hardcopy of the survey by mail.  We encouraged recipients to use the electronic submittal option. The electronic version of the survey included the following tabs: Survey, Survey Instructions, and Confidentiality Request Form.

Semiconductor and Related Devices Industry Preliminary 2006 Survey Results

Semiconductor Emissions Survey Package
Please note: When opening the Excel file you may encounter pop-up messages relating to where the file is opening from or a security message regarding the use of macros. Simply close those messages to view the survey.

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