Barrio Logan Study

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Chromium Study Illustrations Hexavalent chromium monitoring was conducted during two weeks in December of 2001 in the vicinity of two chrome platers in Barrio Logan. Results of the monitoring showed unexpectedly high concentrations of hexavalent chromium in the air. ARB staff resumed monitoring in February of 2002, and worked closely with local officials to better understand the source of hexavalent chromium in Barrio Logan. Based on the evidence gathered in the study, a San Diego County Superior Court Judge granted a preliminary injunction against Master Plating.

Ambient Air Monitoring for Hexavalent Chromium and Metals in Barrio Logan (October 2003 final report on data collection with appendices) (PDF - 22,868k)
Summary Report on Hexavalent Chromium in Barrio Logan (PDF - 661k)
Neighborhood Monitoring Paper (doc - 746k) 
Air Monitoring Results for Hexavalent Chromium

Map showing Barrio Logan location February Notice to Local Officials
Warns officials of risk from hexavalent chromium. (PDF)

April Notice to Local Officials
Provides additional information to public. (PDF)

Results and Preliminary findings (Feb 5 - Feb 22)
English    Spanish   (PDF)

Barrio Logan Update #1 (Feb 23 - Mar 7)    English    Spanish
Indoor Air Samples taken, source tests completed, and outside air monitoring results collected. (PDF)

Barrio Logan Update #2 (Mar 11 - Apr 5)    English    Spanish
ARB testifies in court. Master Plating ceases operation. (PDF)

Barrio Logan Update #3 (April 6 to May 12)    English    Spanish
Final air monitoring completed. Source of chromium identified and results communicated to the public. (PDF)

OEHHA Barrio Logan Fact Sheet (PDF)    English    Spanish

Sampling Protocol

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