Crockett Study

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Site Location

John Swett High School in central Crockett is one of six sites chosen for Children’s Environmental Health Protection monitoring. The city of Crockett is located in northern Contra Costa County where the Carquinez Bridge (Interstate 80) crosses the Carquinez Strait. The high school is located at 1098 Pomona Street.

Scene from Crockett

Reason for Choosing Crockett

Crockett was chosen because of its proximity to high-risk facilities, including potential sources of dioxin, and mobile source emissions. Oil refineries and major oil storage facilities are located in the nearby cities of Rodeo, Hercules, Martinez, and Benicia. Crockett is the location of a major food processing operation and a heavy-rail transfer facility. Crockett is home to two schools, John Swett High School and Carquinez Middle School. The student population of John Swett High School is approximately 650. Carquinez Middle School, located directly across Pomona Street from the high school, has a student population of 500. Both schools are located approximately one-half mile from Interstate 80, a major source of vehicle emissions.

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