Fruitvale Study

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Site Location

Monitoring for the Children’s Environmental Health Protection Program in the Fruitvale area of Oakland will be conducted at Lockwood Elementary School. Lockwood Elementary is located at 6701 International Boulevard (East 14 th Street) and is part of an educational complex that includes Havenscourt Middle School and a child development center. This educational complex is situated between the 580 and 880 freeways, approximately two miles southeast of an industrial area.

Scene from Fruitvale

Reason for Choosing Fruitvale

Fruitvale was chosen as one of the six sites for Children’s Environmental Health Protection monitoring because it is impacted by several categories of pollutant emissions and because of the high school-age population in the area.
Fruitvale lies between two major East Bay freeways that are a significant source of vehicular emissions. The area is downwind of several industrial operations that are sources of criteria pollutant and air toxic emissions, including potential sources of dioxin. The Oakland International Airport, which is less than five miles from Lockwood Elementary, is a source of aircraft and ground-vehicle emissions.
Lockwood Elementary has a student population of nearly 1000. Havenscourt Middle School and the child development center, which are both adjacent to Lockwood, have a combined enrollment of over 800. There are an additional 20 public schools in the Fruitvale area between High Street and 98th Avenue.

Fruitvale Final Report (PDF - 562KB)
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Air Monitoring Results

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