Wilmington Study

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Site Location

Scene from Wilmington Wilmington is located near the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in the south harbor area of Los Angeles County. Children’s Environmental Health Protection monitoring will be conducted near the Wilmington Park Elementary School. The site chosen for monitoring is adjacent to the school grounds on property owned by the Mahar House, a Los Angeles-based charitable organization. The Mahar House is located at 1115 Mahar Avenue.

Reason for Choosing Wilmington

Wilmington was chosen because of the location of high-risk facilities within the community and because of the proximity of those high-risk facilities to schools in the area. Wilmington is home to multiple oil refineries with a combined refining capacity of over 250,000 barrels per day. Wilmington is also situated near the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, which are sources of diesel and fugitive emissions from bulk transport activities. There are an estimated 12 schools and childcare facilities in the area. The number of children attending Wilmington Park Elementary, plus those attending nearby Wilmington Park Children’s Center, is approximately 1400.

Final Report (PDF)       Final Report in Spanish (PDF)

Air Monitoring Results
Fact Sheet April 30, 2003
Fact Sheet April 30, 2003 (Spanish)
Handout from 5/16/02 Community Meeting (Summary of Air Quality May 01 - Dec. 01)
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Map showing Wilmington location Wilmington Video (MPG)