Understanding Air Pollution

This page last reviewed August 30, 2010

. What are air pollutants? Where do they come from? Learn about air pollution and how it affects your health.

Educational Resources

Air pollution continues to be an important public health concern. Follow these links to find information about air pollution—its causes, its effects on human health and the environment, and how to reduce it.

Clean Air for California Communities

CACC Report (English) (Spanish)

The Know Zone"The KnowZone" is for kids, students, and teachers and includes lesson plans, basic information on air pollution, a coloring book, games, and much more.

Health Studies

The Research Division conducts numerous projects to examine exposures to air pollutants, the harmful effects of air pollution on health, and actions needed to reduce exposures and risk. Read more about ongoing research studies regarding health and exposure on our Health Services page.