Community Health Modeling Working Group

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The Community Health Modeling Working Group meets to discuss modeling procedures for conducting cumulative assessments and neighborhood-scale monitoring and modeling.  The Group consists of over 40 participants from government agencies, universities, industry and environmental groups and was convened as part of the ARB's Community Health Neighborhood Assessment Program (NAP).  An agenda and handouts from each meeting is provided below.  For more information, please call Mr. Tony Servin (916) 323-5122, or by email at

The Community Health Modeling Working Group has evaluated the ARB's initial modeling analysis in Barrio Logan, which was used to assess the cumulative impacts of air pollution at the neighborhood-scale. The lessons learned from this study will be applied to the next generation of NAP studies, including the current modeling study in Wilmington. In the future, the methods developed in these community assessments will be used to gain a better understanding of cumulative air pollution impacts statewide.

March 16th, 2004 Agenda
Barrio Logan Cumulative Emission Analysis Report
Barrio Logan Appendix A: Wind Roses and Stability Frequencies for Microscale Models
Barrio Logan Technical Status Report

Wilmington Air Quality Study: Project Summary and Status
ARB Response to Peer Review and Working Group Comments

October 30th, 2003 Agenda

August 27th, 2003 Agenda
Wilmington and Statewide Modeling Protocol Overview
Integration of Modeling Results: Problems with Doublecounting
Wilmington Air Quality Study: Status and Introduction to Modeling Protocol
Regional Application of Modeling Protocol
EJ Update

May 6th, 2003 Agenda
Overview of ARB Projects and Analyses
Statewide Applications for Modeling and Assessment - Technical Challenges for Statewide Application
Tool Development for Cumulative Assessments
Technical Issues with the Neighborhood Assessment Program
Regional Modeling Upadate and Issues

September 12th, 2002 Agenda
Neighborhood Assessment / EJ Overview
Barrio Logan Data Analysis
Barrio Logan Tracer Experiments
Computational Fluid Dynamics Discussion

Regional Modeling Update - Model Performance Evaluation
Wilmington Air Quality Study - Modeling for NAP

October 10th, 2001 Agenda
Barrio Logan Air Quality Project - Microscale Emission Inventory Overview
Modeling Overview for Barrio Logan
Performance Evaluation and Microscale Modeling
Barrio Logan Update

March 28th, 2001 Agenda
Barrio Logan - Conceptual Modeling Protocol for the Neighborhood Assessment Program (doc)
Conceptual Modeling Protocol for NAP (ppt)
Status of Microscale Air Dispersion Modeling - Working Draft

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