Neighborhood Assessment Program Work Plan

This page last reviewed October 21, 2010

1. Program Development

Objective: To develop and coordinate the Neighborhood Assessment Program (NAP) within ARB, to investigate whether or not cumulative air pollution impacts differ between neighborhoods within a designated region. The program will focus on developing guidelines for ARB and other stakeholders to use to evaluate cumulative impacts in a neighborhood. The primary outputs of this element are the work plan, recommendations for the future program, and periodic status reports on NAP and related issues to the Chairman and the Board. It is likely that a tiered risk assessment approach, with one or more levels of refined assessments, may be needed to characterize cumulative risks.

  1. Work Group: An internal ARB work group with expertise in several disciplines has been convened. Depending on need, the group may be expanded to include other stakeholders and/or experts.
  2. Evaluate Existing Programs: Evaluate existing programs and policies, and hold meetings with selected external entities (e.g., South Coast AQMD, Bay Area AQMD, U.S. EPA, EJ advocates, industry representatives, and other stakeholders) to share information and perspectives on community health issues and initiatives to address them. Invite experts to speak to the work group.
  3. Program Coordination: Develop the work plan and hold regular meetings with the work group to discuss NAP status and to decide on future actions and plan modifications, if necessary. Coordinate NAP activities with related ARB programs, specifically the toxics program, the implementation of Senate Bill 25 (Escutia, 1999), and Senate Bill 115 (Solis, 1999). Report periodically on program status and direction, and implementation to the Chairman.
  4. Environmental Justice Mission Statement: Assist Cal/EPA in developing and implementing programs required by Senate Bill 115 (Solis, 1999).
  5. Communication Plan: Develop and implement a communication plan to inform stakeholders and to solicit their input on the assessment methodologies and test results. Coordinate with Cal/EPA to ensure that the NAP complements and supports related activities in Cal/EPA.

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