Programs and Environmental Justice

This page last reviewed December 30, 2009

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Learn more about the research and education programs that are currently reducing exposure to air pollutants in communities throughout California.

Children's Environmental Health

In 1999, Senate Bill 25 established a mandate to study the impacts of air pollution on children's health throughout California. The ARB is committed to meeting and exceeding these requirements and is implementing a number of new activities to evaluate and reduce children's health risks.  

Environmental Justice

State law defines environmental justice as the fair treatment of people of all races, cultures and incomes with respect to the development, adoption, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies. The ARB is committed to achieving environmental justice and integrating its principles into our activities.

Environmental Justice Stakeholders Group Meeting (not currently active)
Meeting Minutes:
3/24/03 12/11/02 10/3/02 8/6/02 6/4/02 5/1/02 3/18/02 8/29/01 10/11/01 4/18/01 1/30/01 11/28/00 8/29/00

Community Modeling Working Group

Neighborhood Assessment
The ARB is developing guidelines and tools for evaluating air pollution impacts at the neighborhood level. This will enable us to evaluate cumulative exposure and health risks, and compare exposures among communities within a region and statewide.